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Stand Out

Standing out from the crowd. It’s not something that everyone feels comfortable with. But when you’re trying to attract people to your business, suddenly the advantage becomes clear.  It’s hard to make headway when you can’t be seen or heard. You can spend a long time honing your product and service, only for no one to discover it.

Helping companies stand out from their competitors is what gets me out of bed in the morning. And it’s that same thought that’s behind the Yellowfinch name. Even small birds can stand out and be noticed. But it does take more than bright colours alone.

Darwin famously developed the theory of evolution by examining the differences between finches, observing how each one was perfectly adapted to their environment. It’s a great metaphor for brands too (thanks Darwin). Companies need to identify their key difference, to evolve into something distinctive.

I’ve worked for the world’s largest spenders on advertising, as well as for tiny start-ups. The interesting thing is that even the world’s most well-supported brands are always looking over their shoulder at what their competitors are doing and looking for ways to evolve and stay ahead. They still need to stand out and remain distinctive.

Find your difference, evolve it into something truly unique, and you may even find you love standing out from the crowd after all.